How to help ?

We need your help

This is a big project, we are trying to collect about 100.000 images. So, we encourage you to send your snapshots and scans. They will be added to our database as soon as one of our validators checks their quality. Right now, there is no upload system implemented, so if you want to send your files, please contact us, and we will open an FTP account for that. You can also upload them to megaupload, rapidshare, or one of those upload sites, and post the link in our help forum.

Published Images format and properties

We would like to release the best images we can, taking care of their size in kb. So, we are going to use two different formats:

  • Game snapshots - .png format, Images will be released at their original resolution.
  • Scans - .jpg format and they will be at 200dpi (dots per inche). This will give you the oportunitie to use the scans in your front-end and to see them alone with your favourite image viewer.

Following this 200dpi standard quality, our images will be these sizes:

System Description Width (mm/px) Height (mm/px)
GCE Vectrex Front, Back ??? / ??? /
Catridge ??? / ??? /
Nint. 64 Front, Back 272 / 2142 220 / 1732
Front, Back "Lylat Wars" ??? / ??? /
Nint. Gameboy Front, Back 125 / 984 125 / 984
Nint. Gameboy Advance Front, Back 125 / 984 125 / 984
Nint. Gameboy Color Front, Back 125 / 984 125 / 984
Nint. Virtual Boy Front, Back 126 / 992 126 / 992
Sticker 52 / 410 42 / 330
Nint. SNES Front, Back (E) 178 / 1400 125 / 980
Cartridge (E,J) 127 / 1400 87 / 685
Cartridge (U) 131 / 1030 86 / 678
Sticker (E,J) 104 / 820 36 / 283
Sticker (U) 83 / 654 32 / 252
Sega Megadrive Front, Back (E) 177 / 1394 127 / 1000
Cartridge: Standard 108 / 68.5 /
Cartridge: Codemasters 99 / 70 /
Cartridge: Electronic Arts 101 / 88 /
Cartridge: Sonic & Knucles 108(118) / 83 /

Send us your images

We are going to be specially focussed in quality, so, for colaborations we would like to ask you for:

  • Game snapshots (Intro and ingame) - They must be in .png format, preferly 8bit images because they are smaller and can handle 256 colours, wich is the case of most systems we cover. Nintendo 64 can display millions of colours, so, 24-bits png images are used. Images MUST be captured at their original resolution. No scaling or filtering will be accepted because they degrade image quality.
  • Scans (Front/Back cover and Cartridge) - They must be in .png format as it can handle million of colors without any loss of quality. We're trying to collect original images and we won't accept any watermarked box, or with any logo on it (apart from those from the manufacturer).

    As we said before, we´ll be focussed in quality and we are going to release 200dpi images, but maybe in the future we will release higher resolution images. So, please, send us the biggest image you can. But please, don´t use your scanner over its natural resolution.

For game snapshots, sometimes it's not possible to get original pixel size images (as far as we know) because there is no emulator that supports it. TRY TO FIND AN EXAMPLE. In this cases, snapshots must be downscaled to their original resolutions. The best way to do that is:

  1. Find an emulator that can use the double or triple of original resolution.
  2. Run the games at this double or triple resolution with no filter, usually in a window as not all video cards can handle those resolutions in fullscreen.
  3. Take the snapshot
  4. Downscale the image to its original resolution using any software you want without any scaling filter since it degrades image quality. Here you can see an example of downscaling with and without filtering. Notice the sharpness of the no filter scaling and the blurriness of the filter scaling, for example in "chaotix's" eye.
No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.

Systems original resolutions and suggested emulator

System (console) Original resolution Suggested emulator Direct Capture
GCE Vectrex Vectorial display M.E.S.S. NO
Bandai WonderSwan 224x144 Cygne YES
Bandai WonderSwan Color 224x144 Cygne YES
NEC PC Engine 256x224 336x224 Magic Engine YES
Nintendo 64 256x224-640x480 PJ64 with jabo D8 1.6 for graphic plugin NO
Nint. Gameboy 166x144 VisualBoy Advance YES
Nint. Gameboy Advance 240x160 VisualBoy Advance YES
Nint. Gameboy Color 166x144 VisualBoy Advance YES
Nint. NES 256x240 VirtuaNES / Nestopia YES
Nint. SNES 256x224 512x448 SNES9x XPP YES
Nint. Virtual Boy 384x224 Reality Boy YES
Sega Game Gear 160x144 Dega YES
Sega SG-1000 Meka YES
Sega Master System 256x192 256x224 256x240 Dega YES
Sega Megadrive/32X/CD 320x240 gens-win32-2.12b (Old best version) YES
SNK Neo-Geo Pocket 256x256 Koyote / Neopop YES/NO
SNK Neo-Geo Pocket Color 160x152 Koyote / Neopop YES/NO
  • Note 1: In case of various resolutions, Bold resolutions means it's the most common for that system.
  • Note 2: "Direct capture" means you can get sanpshots from the emulator at the original resolution independent of the resolution you use for gaming. So, you doesn't need to re-escale the snapshots.
  • Note 3: Nintendo 64 has not standard resolution, so we are going to re-escale every image to 320x240px.
  • Note 4: Sega Game Gear games are sometimes direct ports from Sega Master System without any resolution retouch. It means the games are in a resolution above the Game Gear display posibilities. The hardware itself is responsible for that underscaling. In those cases, we will have the snapshots at their original resolution even if the system wasn't capable of showing properly the image.

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