iTouchDS is a low cost flash cart coming from the guys behind the M3 and G6 flash carts. Being cheap doesn't mean is a bad one, in fact it worked flawlessly with every game and homebrew application we tested, and we can confirm is one of the best low cost solutions to play games and homebrew applications on your Nintendo DS. You can find a fully detailed instructions manual in their official web site.

1.- Package contents and flash cart

In the small iTouchDS package we can only find the cart itself and a nice microSD card reader. I guess they already reduced some costs here to make the cart cheaper :) No instructions manual or CD included, but you can download latest firmware and manual versions from their web site.

The cart is exactly the same size as a retail game cart, pretty light and made from gray plastic.

The MicroSD slot is spring loaded, and it can be tricky to insert and extract the cart at first, but you will get use to it and end up doing it easyly after a few tries.

iTouch DS

You can feel the main chip under the cart label, so you better leave the sticker there :)

iTouch DS

2.- Features

These are the main features of this cart:

  • Same size as a retail cart.
  • Multilanguage and skinnable firmware.
  • Supports microSD and microSDHC cards.
  • Plug and play. Really easy to use.
  • Single-chip solution, highest level of stability & lowest power consumption.
  • Supports homebrew applications.
  • DLDI auto patching.
  • Great compatibility.
  • Automatically detect and generate game save file.
  • Suports soft-reset.
  • Supports Download Play.

3.- Using the flash cart

The first thing to do to start using the flashcart is download the latest firmware version from the official website, and extract the boot.eng file, and iTouch folder in the microSD root folder.

We recommend to check their website periodically for new firmware updates, so you can enjoy the new features and game fixes.

Games and homebrew applications can be copied anywhere in the microSD, but we recommend creating folders so your microSD card won't be a total mess. iTouchDS will let you browse all files and folders in the card easily tho.

Once we are done copying stuff into the microSD, we turn on the DS, and the main menu will appear. In this menu we can see 3 different options: iGame, iFav, iCard. We'll choose iFav, to set up the firmware language using the only icon there (yep, that smilie). After setting up the language, we must reboot the DS

iTouch DS iTouchDS

From the iCard menu, we can browse files and folders in the microSD card, allowing us to run homebrew applications and DS games, and add them to the iFav menu. We can do all this using the touch screen, and also the console buttons. We don't recommend using this manu to run DS games, but just homebrew applications.


From the iGame menu, we can also browse the microSD card, run games and homebrew applications and change DS game sttings. Again, this menu is only recommended to launch DS games, and not homebrew applications, since an unneeded game save file will be created. So, to launch homebrew applications, we'd better use the iCard menu, and to launch DS games, we'd better use the iGame menu.

 iTouchDS iTouchDS 

In the game settings options we may find cheats, slow motion, soft reset (enabled by default for all games in the latest firmware version), and Download Play. We can also have several game saves per game.

We tested Mario Kart using Download Play and it worked great ! :)

In the iFav menu we will find all games and homebrew applications we added from the iCard and iGame menus, so we can run them with one click without having to browse the microSD card trying to find them (remember SDHC cards can hold many many games and applications, and it can take a while to find the one we are looking for).

4.- Conclusion

This is a nice cart. We had no problems running any games and homebrew we tested, loading times are pretty fast, supports microSDHC cards, and has a great price tag. Also, knowing the M3/G6 team experience is behind the card we can be sure support and compatibility are assured.

As weak points we can point out the "half-done" firmware translation (at least into Spanish), some actions can't be fully done using only the touch screen, and iCard/iGame menus, being quite confusing.

Appart from that, we think is a pretty nice cart at a great price so go out get yours today !

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