We would like to thank our friends from BambooGaming for supplying the SuperKey to review it .

SuperKey is a nopass device, which means it doesn't require an original game. It's size is exactly as a DS cartridge, fitting perfectly in the DS console. It's been only tested on a DS phat console, but it's been reported to work just fine on DS Lite.

Once we plug the SuperKey into the DS slot and power up the console, it will just boot your flashcart into DS mode after the Nintendo health screen dissapears.

It's been tested and working fine with both SuperCard miniSD and M3 miniSD.

Also, sleep mode works perfecly.

Now this is really plug and play, and keeps your DS still portable ;) So it's worth buying it.


Here is a video of the SuperKey booting a M3 miniSD in DS mode using a pink DS (yes, it's pink! :) so it means is one of the consoles with one of the newest firmware versions.

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