These are the people who helped the project. If you sent some screenshots and are not listed, it is because we haven't used them yet. Once we include them in the archive, you will find your name here. All names are listed in no particular order :)

Project staff :

  • Web artist : Macarro
  • Lead coder : geezup
  • Forum admins : Everblue, Lustar, Macarro, geezup

Screenshot donors :)

  • xuom2 (GB, GBC)
  • Connie (GBA, Atari Jaguar)
  • Everblue (NES, MD, SMS, Emerson Arcadia 2001,SG-1000,GG)
  • Poppu (WS, WSC)
  • gee_love (NGP. NGPC)
  • Airwolf (Atari 5200,Colecovision)
  • discordance (Watara Supervision)
  • geezup (VBoy, SG-1000,Colecovision, Nintendo Pokemon Mini and missing GB, GBC, WS, WSC, NGP, NGPC images)
  • Advance-Power (NDS)
  • bomberman (PCE)
  • Planet Virtual Boy (Vboy scans)

Capturing teams :

  • SNES : Lustar, DecSS, Dj_rao, Macarro, geezup

Others :

  • No-intro staff (thanks for those great DAT files, and clean collections).
  • Everblue (for helping with screen resolutions and stuff)
  • OfflineList (great software!!)
  • D_Skywalk (for all the Apache tweaks ;) )

Want to help ? We are looking for people who want to help us capture the missing images for all systems, and help us collect the artwork. If you are interested, please let us know usind the contact form, or posting in our forums.

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