NeoFlash MK2

Firstly, we would like to thank the guys at NeoFlash for sending this unit to review. Don't you miss the other devices their are constantly developing, specially if you enjoy classic consoles.

And now, here we go with the review.

The packing of the MK2 device is very small and in it, we can only find the Magic Key 2, no manual neither software are included.

In this image we can see the MK2 (left) and a Passkey 2 (right) together with a GBA cart and a DS cart to compare their size.

In this other image, we see the MK2 with a SD card and a DS cartridge in it.

And here, the whole thing inserted in a Nintendo DS console.

The MK2 is inserted and removed from the NDS cartridge slot like any original cartridge, that is, you have to push down to extract the cartridge, no need to pull it out.

The MK2 works like a PassMe device, but at the same time, NDS save games, can be saved directly to the 2Mbits memory that incorporates. Also it has 16Mbits reserved for the loader and other applications. It supports MMC/SD cards and the possibility of executing NDS code from a memory card or the GBA flash cart.

The Magic Key 2 needs a flash cart to work, since it really is a conventional PassMe device with an aditional slot for MMC/SD cards. In order to be able to use the MK2 we will need a GBA flash cart, since we will need to load the MK2 loader from it. If we don't use the MK2 loader, MK2 behaves like a conventional PassMe, and we will not be able to access any content in the MMC/SD card. Once the loader in the GBA flash cart is loaded we will be able to select any NDS games in the GBA flash cart or in the MMC/SD card inserted in the Magic Key 2. We can browse files and folders in the MMC/SD card using a simple interface. When we select a file, the load process begins. This has been successfully tested with a 512 mb EZ Flash II cart and a 512 mb Sandisk miniSD card with a SD adapter.

Compatibility with NDS games is not very high in comparison with other devices, but this device has beeen for a while in the market, so it is not comparable with newer units. So to play our backups, it is not the best option, although it is not a bad alternative, if what we want it is to program for our console.

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