DAT Files

The DAT files listed here are the version of the DAT files we are using. Remember we are always behind the No-intro project. All of them are in RomCenter format. For up to date DAT files, or other formats, go to the No-intro project web site.

SystemDAT version
Atari 520020050104
Atari Jaguar20040710
Atari Lynx20070408
Bandai WonderSwan20080711
Bandai WonderSwan Color20080711
Coleco ColecoVision20041224
Emerson Arcadia 200120040707
Entex Adventure Vision20060110
Fairchild Channel F20060701
GamePark GP3220060625
GCE Vectrex20040709
Hartung - Game Master20080716
Magnavox - Odyssey220080323
NEC PC Engine / TurboGrafx 1620071018
NEC SuperGrafx20071018
Nintendo 6420080210
Nintendo DS20070414
Nintendo Game Boy20081015
Nintendo Game Boy Advance20061119
Nintendo Game Boy Color20080711
Nintendo NES / Famicom20070602
Nintendo Pokemon Mini20061117
Nintendo Super NES / Super Famicom20081015
Nintendo Virtual Boy20071103
RCA Studio II20060116
Sega 32X20071106
Sega GameGear20080211
Sega Genesis / Megadrive20071221
Sega Master System - Sega Mark III20080210
Sega PICO20080717
Sega SG-100020070325
SNK NeoGeo Pocket20060701
SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color20060410
Tiger Game.Com20071103
Vtech Creativision20050709
Watara Supervision20060109

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