A new tiny update pack
Hi there!

We are still alive. We'll try to catch up with latest DAT updates soon. Meanwhile, we bring you a small Game Boy Color update pack thanks to our friend TheStripper who sent it a while ago, but we've been pretty busy lately.

Enjoy it while we work on new packs.

NeoDS ROM Convertion Tool
With this small application you can easily convert NeoGeo MAME ROMs to use them in the recently releasedNeoDS ROM Convertion Tool NeoDS emulator for the Nintendo DS.

Hopefully you will find it useful.

You can download it from the tools download section.

Introducing.... emuControlCenter
emuControlCenter is an emulator and rom start center for more than 100 retroemuControlCenter and nextgen arcade, console, handheld and computer systems.

It imports ClrMame, TOSEC, RomCenter and also No-intro dat files and has an online rom meta database for user generated meta-data.

Check their website for more info, and downloads.

And for those wondering, yep, they donated, asked nicely, and therefore they have our permission to use our screenshot packs. It's also a nice project, and not a money ripping website. If you ever bought CDs with screenshot packs, it's likely you have been ripped off. They are all free for download.

Update Pack Extractor FIXED EXE for Windows Vista released
Just a quick note to let you all know we have released a fixed EXE for the Update Pack Extractor tool.

You can download it from the tools section.

Simply download and unzip the file in the same folder where the Update Pack Extractor tool was installed.

And, as a personal note, please get rid of Vista !! ;)

Finally, some new packs for download
Hi there, everybody !

We are still alive, updates have just slowed down, due to real life, and scanning and sorting out images take a lot of our little spare time.

We would like to thank TheStripper for his great work helping us to keep some systems updated.

So today, and thanks to TheStripper we bring you some update packs, and 2 new systems:
  • Sega SG-1000 full pack (pack replaces all previous packs)
  • Sega Game Gear - Update pack
  • Sega Master System - Update pack
  • Fairchild Channel F
  • VTech Creativision
More coming soon, along with the expected USB Gecko review.

Have fun!
USB Gecko is here !
We'll be having a review soon. Meanwhile check this video out, to see the many interesting things you can do with this little wonder.

Thanks to Adictron for sending a unit for review.
News flash ! GB, GBC and Atari Lynx updates !
Hi again !

Today we bring you 3 new packs: 2 update packs for GB and GBC, adding images for the new games listed in the DAT files, and a new pack for Atari Lynx cartridge scans.

See you soon ! :-)

P.S. : no images in the news items due to a problem with the CMS :-(

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