Official Launch Day !
Hi everybody !

Well after a week delay, we're finally here. We did complete a few systems, and more will come in the future. We did enable full packs downloads, so join our forums to grab the goods :) Only for our forum members for now, we will make them public for our visitors in a week. Bandwidth is limited so hurry up, don't miss your screenshot packs !!

This site will be updating on a weekly basis, and full packs will be added as we complete any system. For single game screenshot downloads, please use or game lists, where you will find a download icon.We will release update packs every month or so.

Also, we will need help to complete the archive, so if you are willing to help us, please, discuss about that in our help forum. We'll try to organise capturing teams, so join our discussions, and tell us what you think, what's the best emu for any systems, and stuff. We are focusing on title and in-game snaps at the moment. We haven't decided anything yet about box and cartridge scans, so give us your opinion ! :)

If you find any problem with the site, please let us know in our forums. Thanks ! We know there are a few issues when you browse it with MSIE. We will try to fix them ASAP !

Well, hope you enjoy your visit and help us in our big task :)
Renaming tools uploaded
Hi again !

Both renaming tools (Image Renamer and Snap Folder Watcher) can now be downloaded. Please report any bugs, doubts or usage questions in our forums. Hope you find them useful and help you help us :)

.NET framework is needed in order to get them to work. Also original images are not deleted or renamed, but keep a backup just in case.

UPDATE : if you downloaded Snap Folder Watcher before March 24th, please redownload it again. I fixed a stupid bug.

Get them here
Official launch delayed :(
We are working hard to launch the site officially. It was planned for March 25th , but we need to fix some things first, and since renaming tools are not yet published, we will delay it to April 1st... and no, it won't be an April Fool's joke :D

We will try to get some systems fully complete before the launch.

Renaming tools will be up for download in a few minutes.
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